TREAL TOONZ 2020 Rookie Season on the Film Feastival Ends

To whom it may concern...
2020 Rookie Season on the Film Feastival circuit comes to an end. And it has been an unbelieveable honor. It's one thing to just put the work on youtube, but for us to have the faith to enter festival after festival. Meant with many "Not Selected". To be exact, out of the 77 Film Festival Submissions (Many of which cost bread", 58 of them turned our films down. But we don't focus on that because what matters is the 19 Official Selections. Selections into festivals we couldn't of fathom. And out of this 19, we were award 9 awards. The 11 films/episodes we submitted this year, were all created this year. And I couldn't be prouder of every creative ti of lend their voices and gifts to
Exhibit Treal Studios
. I'm grateful for every fan, view, like, share and donation. 2020 was a transformative and profound year. We look forward to what's to come and what's in works. Thank you all. To think, all we wanted to do was create cartoons celebrating unapologetically 'Black Excellence!'.

"We gonna do everything from the heart and do it good!" - Nina Simone
Be Safe & Stay Treal