Awards Winning Animated Web-Series showcases why "Representation Matters" for Black People

The journey of "Reppin' Matterz" began with the first episode debuting on youtube on June 11, 2019. The episode starred a still janky looking prototype design of the character JaFLEU teaching viewers about the legendary animator, Bruce W. Smith. The goal for the series was simple and clear.

"Reppin' Matterz! Why? Because REPRESENTATION MATTERS!"

The animated web docu-series produced by Exhibit Treal Studios would go on to create 12 episodes  all written/ voiced and animated by Black creatives. With the purpose to :

"...explore and highlight the brilliance of Black Figures past and present careers." 

Careers like:

Aaron Douglas, Augusta Savage, Levar Burton, Cree Summers and so many more.

When it comes to Exhibit Treal Studios, the goal is to do as the Nina Simone quotes says:

"We're gonna do everything from the heart and do it good!"

And as each episode progress both visually and conceptionally eventually came the awards and recognition. As Treal Toonz "Reppin' Matterz" series episodes were submitted/accepted and even awarded in various film festivals

Even having our most awarded and screened short "Reppin Matterz: Jackie Ormes" aired on South Florida PBS and featured on the PBS App!

The series has not wavier on it's mission. To share Black Stories. But encourage viewers to learn more, because as JaFLEU says at the end of each episode:

"We need you to do more independent research, because these are just the cliff notes to an extraordinary career! So until next time.... Be Safe & Stay Treal!"