Reppin' Matterz: Jackie Ormes "FINALIST" at BLACKFILM.COM|SHORTS 2020

Good News as we enter the final month of what has been a great 2020 for Treal Toonz Animations. Our most screened and awarded short. Episode 9 of the animated web docu-series "Reppin' Matterz: Jackie Ormes" has been awarded as a "Finalist" at | Shorts!

17 years running, being established in 1998. is considered the leading website linking the Black Film community and international audiences to their works. Known as the 1st to host national screenings series showcasing the works of inde-filmmakers of color.

Reppin' Matterz. A breakdown of Black Legends, their careers and impacts on society. The subject of today's episode is the pioneering voice in comics, Jackie Ormes

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